The Rough Sex Desire

People love watching hardcore porn! Even more people love having hardcore bangs! It is a passionate, even a bit aggressive expression of the most peculiar animalistic nature of ours! If you have checked out any porn site like PornOne, PornHub, xVideos or even Tumblr in the last ten years, you have probably noticed that harsh sex has turned now into a massive trend! And this is no surprise to us, tho! People just love fucking in this 50 Shades of Grey manner! In a world where censorship rules, there is nothing more precious than real natural experiences! It is uncensored!

What is exactly rough sex?

Rough fuck is a vague notion. It depends on how you perceive vanilla gang. It is only a matter of perception of how vanilla is vanilla, how kinky is kinky, how harsh is harsh, and how hardcore is actually hardcore. Most probably, our idea of vanilla sex is most people’s idea of kinky sex, and our idea of kinky fuck might be a bit hardcore for most people, too! 
 The description of rough is highly noted by your own perception of ganging and sensuality. Nobody can tell you what rough bang is, as every person defines it differently! This is why this practice is known with so many names. Kinky, rough, hardcore, playful, passionate, no censorship sex… They are all the same but all different for everybody! 
 What is common in the notion for literally everybody is that this sexual experience is related to some more intense actions than those in the rather vanilla sex! How far you would go and how you would call it is all a matter of preferences and desires!

Does it necessarily include toys?

If you are not really sure whether you are doing things right, we usually go for some porn videos online. When it comes to harsh sex, there is a massive variety of videos that can drive you crazy. However, there is something that you will notice for sure. Most of these videos show people not only banging it hard but also they are using many toys and structures. From a simple massaging stick through vibrators and all sorts of fucking machines to many constructions that restrict the movement of your partner. 
 This is not necessary at all! If you cannot play it kinky without all those helping accessories, then you will be an actual Zero with them, too! We are not saying that they are not helpful, and you cannot buy and use them. Our advice is that you learn how to play it cool and hardcore without them at first, so that you can use them later the best possible way! Show me what you can just by yourself! 
 On the other hand, if you really insist on using some accessories from the very beginning of this whole new experience, we would advise you to pick some not that expensive things that can add a lot to your moment! 
 A thing that is worth investing in is a good quality rope that will not fuck up your skin. Also, you might want to get a silky blindfold so that you can restrict your partner from one sense and they can use the others more actively! Another thing is wax suitable for skin plays. It is a specific type of wax, usually soy wax, that melts in temperature high enough to be a great stimulus to your partner’s and your body, but it is not hot enough to burn the skin!

How to have rough sex?

1. Convo Time

First of all, you have to take the path of communication. This is a sexual practice with a lot of physical and mental impact on both partners, and you have to have a clear concent of your partner before raising a hand on them. Otherwise, it can be considered domestic violence, and it is not cool… But if your partner is fine with the idea, then you should think of what is the next step!

2. Fantasy Time

It is very important to talk about your needs, desires, and preferences with your partner. Take turns about rough and kinky things that you want to try, and discuss whether they will be possible to execute.
 This is a very important step for two reasons. First, it is not a good surprise to get a big slap through the face when you just do not want that kind of aggression in your life, for example. Something like this will probably ruin the whole moment, and depending on what the mistake is, it can ruin your whole relationship! And second, sharing these intimacies will build sexual tension between you and your partner, and when it is time for action, it will be an explosion!

3. Role Play Time

It is very important to know your role in this hardcore game. Whether you are submissive or dominant, it is important for everybody to know their place. Each of these positions actually comes with responsibilities of the behavior. On the other hand, we have some big news for you! You can be both dominant! This will not affect your experience in any negative aspect. It is a well-hidden secret in the BDSM world, but both partners can be the strong one. This will, for sure, make it even more wild and passionate! The sad thing is that you cannot be both ... somebody has to do the job!

4. Care Time

Many people start diving into the deep sea of hard sex without taking in account that hardcore banging can cause serious mental and physical harm. It is important to make sure that these do not go beyond the norm. After it had it all finished, it is really important to have some comforting moment. This might be a warm blanket, hot tea, good talk, watch a movie, check up on your body, whether you have any light injuries, etc. This is a very important part of the responsible hardcore fuck! And it’s actually a pretty nice time spent with your partner!

Above all, watching kinky porn and having hardcore sex is a lot of fun! It has some peculiarities, but as long as it gives you pleasure, we are sure you can deal with them! Enjoy the good bang and the big slap to the fullest!